NY State Championships – 13 and 14 May 2017

NY States is this weekend – Mother’s Day weekend!  Although the coaches have not yet posted the NY State Championships Line-ups – Volunteer Spot is live – you’re going to be upstate anyway, so now is the time to select how you want to support the rowers from the shore.  Early morning breakfasts are critical to the rowers’ well being for the day, and all 120 rowers will be arriving early at the regatta site on Saturday, so I urge you to sign up to assist with setting up tent and feeding hungry rowers and coaches.  Sunday morning will have 60 rowers arriving just as early.  As many of the opportunities do not require you to attend the regatta, there really is no excuse for anyone to not sign up to help – http://parents.pcrarowing.com/volunteer-spot/

PCRA Administration has sent an email to all parents, and the information is pasted to our parents’ website.  Please read : http://parents.pcrarowing.com/upcoming-regatta-info/

Please also take a moment to thank the chaperones for caring for your children for the weekend:  Harry Tsavaris, Donna Cronin, Annika Prisco, Christine Brusco-Sperber, Amanda Close-Dotson, and Annie Maistre.  Please be sure to make a note of their phone numbers for emergencies… but please do not contact them with unimportant questions!  Please also make sure that your contact information is included in the PCRA Directory – not posted  on-line but sent via email to protect your privacy.


See you on the riverbank.


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