Overpeck 2017

Our first regatta for the Spring Season will be on Overpeck Lake in Bergen County’s Overpeck County Park hosted by the Bergen County Rowing Academy, this Saturday, 8 April 2017.

Location: 50 Fort Lee Road, Leonia, NJ 07605.  For more information visit the PCRA Parents’ Website website: http://parents.pcrarowing.com/upcoming-regatta-info/


  • Remember that your athlete must arrive at the Boat-trailer at least 2 hours ahead of their scheduled race time.  Keep in mind there will likely be traffic crossing the bridge, meaning it will likely take more than the time indicated inGoogleMaps! Also, there are several places allocated for parking along the shore, which means there may be a walk from your car to the Hospitality Tent and Boat-trailer. Please plan accordingly, and plan with sufficient time to get lost and found again! What is the worst that can happen – you’ll have extra time at the Hospitality Tent – it is better than having your athlete miss their race. Also, after your athlete has completed racing – please do not take them home until after they have been dismissed by the coaches.
  • Line-ups – coaches have posted line-ups on the Youth Webpage: http://youth.pcrarowing.com/announcements/overpeck-regional-youth-regatta-lineups/

Waivers: Both US Rowing and Overpeck Waivers must be signed in advance, both are “signed” online:


  • Driving – It is PCRA policy that athletes do not drive themselves to and from regattas. If you cannot attend the regatta, you should designate a proxy parent who will be responsible for your child for the entire day.
  • Allergies – We have athletes with allergies to nuts, peanuts, gluten, milk, egg, banana and sesame. For the safety of all, please follow the precautions listed at the Hospitality Tent, and if you athlete has allergies, please ensure that the coaches are aware, and that your athlete has necessary EpiPens.
  • The regatta sites can be quite spread out. If you have concerns, we recommend talking to your child about implementing a “Buddy System” with other athletes in their boat.
  • Parents should avoid the traffic area near the launch site.  It is exciting to see the athletes launch, but please keep a respectful distance of athletes carrying boats – and Heads Up!

What to Wear / Uniforms

  • Currently the weather forecast for Saturday in Leonia, NJ is mostly sunny, with a high of 56°, and wind of 15mph – when damp, this can feel pretty chilly!  Please remember that it is more important to dress for the conditions that to look uniform in the boat.  Tanks may be worn over long-sleeved tech shirts, leggings over unis etc.  Please ensure your athlete – and you – have appropriate shore clothes including mud-boots.  Dress in comfortable layers!  Make sure your athlete packs extra dry clothes – including socks – and that their clothes are at with them at the Boat-trailer!
  • In the unlikely event that your athlete has not already sorted out what to wear on the day, the PCRA PA are selling blue cotton PCRA tanks and tees. If you need to purchase one, please contact Meg Bausano at pcraparentsassoc@gmail.com.

What to Expect on Race Day

  • Hospitality Tent – The PCRA Parents Association organizes a Hospitality Tent for all rowers and their families. The PA is a 100% volunteer operation.  Our Regattas have a festive spirit – this would not be possible if it were not for the PA Volunteers!  All rowers enjoy support from the riverbank, the food and a place to hang out with friends – please understand we need you to volunteer for each regatta in which your rower races (there are plenty of opportunities to help even if you cannot attend the regatta).   You will have time to watch your child race!  Please sign up at http://parents.pcrarowing.com/volunteer-spot/ or using the direct link: http://signup.com/go/QZ2sKF


  • The PCRA Parents’ Directory may be accessed via link sent out by email – please bookmark it!  Also, enter the contact info of athletes (and their parents) in your phone – they may be able to help you!
  • If your information is not included – you either have not completed the form: http://youth.pcrarowing.com/announcements/pcra-2017-race-team-directory-please-compete-this-form-asap/ or you selected to keep your details private.  Please complete the form asap, taking care with the final question.  (Your information will not automatically update in the Parents’ copy of the Directory – we need to take a moment to hide confidential medical issues and any info that you do not wish to share with the community.)

All You Need to Know About Regattas

See you on the riverbank!


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