PCRA Pie Sale Pick UP – This Saturday at the Boathouse

Thank you to everyone for reaching out to friends and family in support of PCRA and selling pies.  Part of the process of the PCRA Pie Sale Fundraiser is ensuring our supporters get their pies.  We are asking all of our rowers to reach out to those they have sold pies to and let them know if you will be delivering the pies to their home, school or if you need them to come to the boathouse to pick up.  Pies can be picked up under a rowers name, but please note if no one comes to pick up the pies, we will donate them to ensure they don’t go bad. Important details about Pie Pick Up are:

  • Pick up time on pies is 7:30AM at the PCRA Boathouse, Glen Island this Saturday, November 18th. (We would also love volunteers to help sort the delivery at 6:00AM)
  • Pies come frozen so they do need to be picked up and delivered to those you sold to or put in the freezer. 
  • Donated pies do not need to be picked up, we will ensure they get to the food pantries on you and your purchasers behalf.  Please note that the PCRA Community will be donating over 200 pies to the Larchmont/Mamaroneck Food Pantry and the Hope Soup Kitchen of New Rochelle.  Our PCRA Family will be helping to feed over 200 families in our community this Thanksgiving with Chicken Pot Pies and Apple Crumb.  Thank YOU!

If you have questions about your orders or pick up, please email Andrea Fleming at andreafleming@optonline.net.​

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