How Can I Get Involved?

The Parents Association is a 100% volunteer operation.  Our Regattas have a festive spirit – this would not be possible if it were not for the PCRA PA Volunteers!  All rowers enjoy support from the riverbank, the food and a place to hang out with friends – please volunteer for each regatta – there are plenty of opportunities to help even if you cannot be at the hospitality tent.  Every regatta we plan to feed up to 100 rowers and their families in a remote location, often on consecutive weekends, and sometimes for the entire weekend!  Additionally, the Parents Association supports the club, coaches and athletes in various functions throughout the year.  Below are descriptions of some of the opportunities we have for parents, no experience is necessary – there are other volunteers around you – new friendships will be forged.  Many hands make light work!  Please let us know what you’d like to do!  Thanks to all the volunteers listed below – their names are included so that they can answer questions prospective volunteers may have, and also as public recognition of all the efforts they make on behalf of all our children.  If your name is not listed below – you know what to do…  Maybe you are not ready to lead… everyone can sign up to shop, cook, clean and cheer at every regatta.  Look at your calendar and decide how your family wants to be involved.

Harry Tsavaris and Jennifer Upton are graduating out – We need two volunteers for President Elect transition.
The PCRA PA Co-Presidents oversee all PA activities including regatta planning and hosting, special events, and more!

Meg Bausano

Parents Association Treasurer manages all the PA’s finances, including collection of dues, bill payment and reimbursement of expenses.

Novice Families Liason
Kristen Timmermans

Helps novice families transition into Race Team… so many questions!

Dev Team Liason
Laurie and Matt Schetlick

Coordinates with PCRA PA Co-Presidents and Treasurer for all Dev Team events.  We will need additional Race Team and Dev Team volunteers at Dev Team Scrimmages.

PR Liason
Sally Willert-Sirkin

Perhaps you are a reporter at heart.  Help the PCRA community become more informed and more cohesive than ever.  Profile coaches, rowers and parents as well as provide updates on the fun and festivities at our regattas.  Writes PR for regattas and events.  Fact checks with coaches and submits press releases to the PCRA Board Member who is responsible for PCRA Public Relations.

Volunteer Spot Coordinator (
Vivian Lem-George (Jennifer Upton is graduating out)
This volunteer reviews the official regattas schedules and PCRA race line-ups to create a timeline for needed volunteers.  And then coordinates with the Menu Planners and Regatta Supply Coordinators to post relevant volunteer spots on

Jennifer Upton, Martin Brown, Curtis ter Kuile, Pete and Julianna DiPaola, Mike Prisco

We are looking for families who are able to tow the chuck wagon to and/or from our regattas. If you are willing, but unable because you do not have a trailer hitch, the PA may pay for one to be installed on your vehicle.  In addition, your gas for the towing vehicle is paid and, if necessary, overnight hotel accommodations for the towing parent the night before a regatta.  At some regattas there are also free parking passes closer to the venue.

Menu Planning
Michelle O’Connor – We need additional transition volunteers (Chris Hofstedt, Tracy Owen and Leslie Selius are graduating out)
These volunteers assess the regatta schedules and plan the appropriate meals and create the shopping lists for each regatta.

Regatta Supplies Coordinators, Shoppers, Packers and Cleaners
Leah Tahbaz, Anne O’Bierne, Annika Prisco, Alex Juliano (Chris Hofstedt, Tracy Owen and Leslie Selius are graduating out)
These volunteers keep an inventory of all PCRA supplies.  They shop for all of the items needed for each regatta.  They deliver the supplies and often help load them into the chuck wagon (usually on a Friday afternoon).

  • Additional volunteers sign up at VolunteerSpot to load the shopping into Chuckie before each regatta (usually on a Friday afternoon) and/or unload perishables after the regatta, wash the pots and pans, refill the propane tanks etc. to ensure Chuckie is ready for the next regatta.
  • At the end of each season volunteers give Chuckie a full makeover to ensure he’s repaired and sparkling clean on the inside before he rests for the summer or winter

Regatta Captains
Kristen Timmermans, Tom Bausano, Lisa McIver, Ruth Topol,
(Harry Tsavaris, Pete and Julianna DiPaola are graduating out) – We need more volunteers – we’re looking for 4 Regatta Captains for each regatta day.
This is our most important job.  Unfed kids do not row well and are grumpy to boot.  This is a team effort, no one ever does this job alone.  Responsibilities include overseeing the regatta from the beginning to the end.  The day will be broken down into two shifts, early and late with two captains for each shift.  These “Captains” are the ‘go to’ people on the day of the regatta.  They are ones who keep the hospitality flowing from setting up, to cooking, to the clean up and packing.  As usual, we will have parents sign up to volunteer throughout the day to assist the Captains in all of these duties.

Christine Gesky-Farahat, Amanda Dotson, Anne Maistre, Meg Bausano (Jennifer Upton is graduating out) and everyone who would like to share
Photograph regattas and events, and post photos on website for all to enjoy.  All photographers are invited to upload their photos to our archives.

Videographer / Video Editor
Guy Campanile, Angelina Campanile
Take video of regattas and events, edit raw video and post production on website for all to enjoy.  Everyone is invited to share high res video and still footage for use in the videos, but they are edited to be glimpses into the events – not all video footage will be used.

Uniforms/Spirit Wear and Merchandise
Prior to the start of each season uniforms are ordered from the Boathouse Team Store.  Although orders are taken on line, these volunteers will assist in the process, determine what apparel is required for each rower, handle all uniform questions from parents and rowers, and distribute the merchandise (if a bulk shipment is made).  Also, periodically throughout the year, merchandise, including tanks, tee shirts, fleeces and blankets are offered for sale.  Everybody loves gear – these volunteers find new items (bullhorns,lanyards, car stickers) that can be sold at the regattas to show our PCRA spirit and cheer our team.  Information will always be posted on the Parents Association website prior and during the sale, and payment, for convenience, is usually via PayPal.

  • Uniforms – Donna Cronin – We need a transition volunteer – her daughter is a senior
  • Spiritwear and Merchandise – Donna Cronin and Meg Bausano – We need a transition volunteer – a couple of their rowers are seniors

Chaperones for Overnight Regattas
Karen Buccheri, Sarah Vorbach, Annika Prisco, Cristina Sperber, Anne Maistre and Amanda Dotson,  (Harry and Lisa Tsavaris and Donna Cronin are graduating out) – We will need more volunteers in the Spring – some of their rowers are seniors
Chaperones are required to travel on the bus with the athletes and/or to stay in the hotel with the team, and to chaperone the pre-race team dinner.   All chaperones are required to be finger-printed and have background checks.  While chaperoning at the Team Hotel the cost of the hotel room is covered by PCRA.

Hospitality/Team Dinners
Meg Bausano and (Donna Cronin is graduating out)
These volunteers work with the coaches and the PA Treasurer and Co-Presidents to determine dates and venues for pre-race team dinners, as well as any other informal events (most often, these include pizza parties at the boathouse).  These volunteers also organize events for regattas such as Head of the Charles and summer regattas which are not covered by the season fees and dues.

Special Events
Every year PCRA hosts several community events to raise spirit and sometimes to raise funds to support the capital expenditures needed for the program.  These include the Grab Bag Regatta, Holiday Party and impromptu pizza parties and community out reach.  This is a great way to use your creativity to create a fun and festive environment for our rowers.

  • Grab Bag – Kristen Timmermans, Debbie Winstead – We’ll need more volunteers on the day – The Grab Bag is the most fun event of the entire year.  All PCRA rowers: Dev Team, Race Team and Masters compete in mixed boats against each other in all events (but singles): 2x, 4x, 4+ and 8+ on Orchard Beach Lagoon our very own boathouse on Glen Island.  Scheduled at the beginning of November, it effectively closes the fall season. On land, there is plenty of food at the hospitality tent, silent auctions, and guessing games. Coaches present paper plate awards to the rowers, and athletes present the coaches with their own paper plate awards. Additional volunteers will be needed both to plan and on the day.
  • Holiday Party – Need a volunteer chairperson – Each year, during the winter season we gather at the Boys and Girls Club of New Rochelle for a Holiday Party.  Each rower brings a gift for the Boys  & Girls Club to distribute.

Fundraising Chairs
This is a communications job with no heavy lifting.  Responsibilities include planning and implementing all fundraising efforts for the Parents Association including Holiday Pie Sales and The Ergathon. Everyone loves pie and watching our kids “erg it out” is a fun way to raise money that is spent on new equipment and other essentials for the team.  Meet lots of other parents and drum up support for PCRA.  In the fall we have an annual Holiday Pie Sale fundraiser.  The major fundraiser is at the start of the Spring Season when the entire club participates in the clubs’ biggest fundraising event – The Ergathon.

  • Pie SalesAndrea Fleming, Ruth Topol and Emily Kronenberg – Communicate with PCRA community, compile and place orders, and to arrange distribution on delivery day.  In past years we also donated about 100 pies to a local soup kitchen.
  • ErgathonChairperson is needed to coordinate with PCRA Fundraising Chair, arrange special sales such as T-shirts and communicate with the community.  Volunteers are also needed help out the day of the Ergathon.

End of Year Dinner Coordinator
All Senior Parents are invited to participate in organizing the End of Year Dinner, a chairperson will be elected.  This is an event all for Race Team and their families.  It is held on a week night in May at an offsite location (usually NYAC).  The dinner will celebrate and recognize our graduating seniors.