Upcoming Regatta Info

PCRA will be competing at Head of the Schuylkill in Philadelphia, PA, Sunday, October 29, 2017.


For Head of the Schuylkill Regatta Website for Parking Passes, Maps, Directions, Schedules and Results click on the following link:  

Head of the Schuylkill


  • Driving – It is PCRA policy that athletes do not drive themselves to and from regattas. If you cannot attend the regatta, you should designate a proxy parent who will be responsible for your child for the entire regatta.
  • Contact Information – For your privacy, the link to the Parents Association Directory will only be sent via email, when you receive the email, please bookmark it!
  • Code of Conduct –  Our Code of Conduct will be fully enforced. We have a zero tolerance policy in regards to alcohol and drugs. Your rower will be sent home without racing and dismissed from PCRA if they break their commitment to our Code of Conduct. Our coaches review this policy with the kids weekly. We kindly request discussing this with your athlete.
  • The regatta sites can be quite spread out. If you have concerns, we recommend talking to your child about implementing a “Buddy System” with other athletes in their boat.
  • Parents should avoid the traffic area near the launch site.  It is exciting to see the athletes launch, but please keep a respectful distance of athletes carrying boats – and Heads Up!
  • The start line is about 1.5 north fro Passaic Rowing Association Boathouse.  It is our understanding that Officials have recommended boats to launch at least 35 minutes before the race starts, so be sure your rowers are at the PCRA boat-trail at least 2 hours before their race.  Click here for the race course:  Race Course

What to Wear / Uniforms

  • Please watch the weather forecast.  Please ensure your athlete – and you – have appropriate shore clothes including mud-boots – if rain is in the forecast.  Dress in comfortable layers!  Make sure your athlete packs extra dry clothes – including socks – and that their clothes are at with them at the Boat-trailer!  Have sunscreen and shade!

All You Need to Know About Regattas

See you on the riverbank!